Community Service with Keep Lewisville Beautiful


Keep Lewisville Beautiful provides court appointed community service hours Monday through Thursday during business hours (9am-4:00pm), and during special weekend events as needed. During summer months, other hours may be available if you check with the KLB office. For non-court appointed community service and regular volunteer hours, please contact the KLB office for available projects and hours.

Please note that anyone under the age of 18 and in school will NOT be allowed to complete court appointed commnity service hours during school hours, no exceptions. Students are welcome to schedule CS hours during school holidays, or after school hours.

We DO NOT accept walk-ins for court appointed community service. You must make an appointment.
Please call and schedule your court appointed community service with our office at least 2 days prior to coming in to do community service with our organization.You can reach our office at 972-538-5949.


 Community Service Contract                            General Release Form


Court appointed community service hours offered will consist of trash pick up at a KLB approved site, and sometimes light office work. Our staff will be on-site to supervise and check on community service workers, but we DO NOT offer constant supervision. Those under the age of 18 will need a legal guardian’s permission and signature on CS documents in order to complete hours with KLB.

KLB will provide the necessary supplies to conduct trash pick up (trash bags, litter grabbers, gloves, safety vests, etc). Workers may sign up for shifts of up to 7 hours of community service for each session offered. Unless otherwise stated, all community service hours are trash pick up and outside work- so please dress accordingly.


In addition to signing up at least two days in advance, you must meet these requirements to be able to perform your community service with our organization:

  1. Sign the KLB volunteer contract and general release form prior to volunteering- a PDF copy of the contract can be found HERE.
  2. If under 18, a legal guardian must accompany you to the KLB office and sign necessary documents before completing any hours with the KLB organization. No signature, no community service.
  3. KLB does not accept all CS cases for community service work. You must verify that we accept your offense by calling the KLB office.
  4. You must provide your own transportation. KLB does not provide any transportation between cleanup sites.
  5. Wear appropriate clean up attire: comfortable walking shoes, weather appropriate clothing.
  6. If you must reschedule your hours, please notify the KLB office in advance. After (2) documented no shows, you will be asked to leave and will no longer be eligible for community service hours with our organization.
  7. KLB WILL CHECK ON YOU DURING YOUR SCHEDULED COMMUNITY SERVICE and If you do not abide by KLB rules or are found doing anything other than what was approved/discussed with you, you will not receive credit for your service hours per the discretion of the Executive Director.
  8. You must be in your assigned area during assigned hours to receive credit, and KLB staff should be able to locate you during site checks.


KLB takes the following minor offenses:

traffic violations, curfew, minor in possession/consumption of alcohol or tobacco products, truancy, etc.


KLB does not take the following offenses:

assault, battery, theft/burglary, or other similar felony charges.

If you have any additional questions about offenses that we do or do not accept, or general questions about the type of community serivce we offer, please call our office at 972-538-5949- we are more than happy to assist you.


Hours available and community service worker days offered are subject to change, and are per the Executive Director’s discretion.

The KLB office has the right to refuse any offense or community service worker for any reason, per discretion of the executive director.