Here at Keep Lewisville Beautiful, we are Wild About Wildflowers. We work with volunteers and partners such as the City, LLELA, LISDOLA, and more to establish wildflower areas and incorporate native plantings into our beautification projects. To date, KLB volunteers haveĀ  helped to plant more than 10 acres of pollinator habitat since 2011.

But why wildflowers? Now more than ever, planting natives and native wildflowers is important for conservation. Using natives in your landscape helps to heal our land, promoting and preserving biodiversity in your landscape. Wildflowers, and other native plants, nurture and sustain the living landscape that support birds and insects that are beneficial to our environment.

Native wildflowers are:

      • Low maintenance- once established, they require very little upkeep
      • Provide beautiful landscaping with showy blooms and seasonal color and interest
      • Thrive in North Texas
      • Conserve water in your landscape- native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions and require far less water, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water
      • Provide food and habitat for wildlife, increasing biodiversity in your own backyard
      • Provide food for us, by supporting pollinators. More than 35% of the world’s food crops depend on pollinators to reproduce.

Texas has more than 5,000 species of native flowering plants, but we thought we would share with you some of our favorites for planting here in North Texas. You can find these species around town at places like Lake Park, Valley Vista Nature Park, Wayne Ferguson Plaza, Sandy Beach Road, LLELA, LISDOLA, and at our Lewisville butterfly waystations located on Valley Parkway and at the Trinity Kayak Launch.
Below you will find information on common North Texas wildflowers that we have planted around town, along with some locations that you can check them out.

        • American Basket Flower
        • Black-eyed Susan
        • Butterfly weed
        • Clasping Coneflower
        • Golden Wave
        • Huisache Daisy
        • Illinois Bundleflower
        • Indian Blanket
        • Lanceleaf Coreopsis
        • Lazy Daisy
        • Lemon Mint
        • Mexican Hat /Prairie Coneflower
        • Partridge Pea
        • Plains Coreopsis
        • Purple Coneflower
        • Purple Coneflower narrow leaf (coming soon)
        • Purple Prairie Clover
        • Texas Bluebonnet
        • Texas Yellow Star
        • White Prairie Clover
        • Wine Cup

We also encourage you to check out The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center for more detailed information about each species, along with many other North Texas native wildflowers and plants.

America Basket flower can be found all around LLELA.